Class SDLPalette

  extended by

public class SDLPalette
extends java.lang.Object

Color palette for 8-bit pixel formats

NOTE: 8-bit pixel formats are not yet supported!

Each pixel in an 8-bit surface is an index into the colors field of the SDL_Palette structure store in SDL_PixelFormat. A SDL_Palette should never need to be created manually. It is automatically created when SDL allocates a SDL_PixelFormat for a surface. The colors values of a SDL_Surfaces palette can be set with the SDL_SetColors.

Also see the documentation here:

Field Summary
(package private)  SDL_Palette swigPalette
Constructor Summary
protected SDLPalette(SDL_Palette swigPalette)
          Creates a new SDLPalette instance.
Method Summary
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Field Detail


SDL_Palette swigPalette
Constructor Detail


protected SDLPalette(SDL_Palette swigPalette)
Creates a new SDLPalette instance.