Class SDLOverlay

  extended by

public class SDLOverlay
extends java.lang.Object

A SDL_Overlay is similar to a SDL_Surface except it stores a YUV overlay. All the fields are read only, except for pixels which should be locked before use. The format field stores the format of the overlay which is one of the following:

 #define SDL_YV12_OVERLAY  0x32315659  // Planar mode: Y + V + U
 #define SDL_IYUV_OVERLAY  0x56555949  // Planar mode: Y + U + V
 #define SDL_YUY2_OVERLAY  0x32595559  // Packed mode: Y0+U0+Y1+V0
 #define SDL_UYVY_OVERLAY  0x59565955  // Packed mode: U0+Y0+V0+Y1
 #define SDL_YVYU_OVERLAY  0x55595659  // Packed mode: Y0+V0+Y1+U0

Also see the documentation here: SDL_Overlay

$Id:,v 1.4 2004/12/24 17:32:17 ivan_ganza Exp $
Ivan Z. Ganza
Finish SWIG integration

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean displayYUVOverlay(java.awt.Rectangle dstrect)
          Blit a video overlay to the display surface.
 boolean lockYUVOverlay()
 void unlockYUVOverlay()
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Constructor Detail


public SDLOverlay()
Method Detail


public boolean lockYUVOverlay()


public void unlockYUVOverlay()


public boolean displayYUVOverlay(java.awt.Rectangle dstrect)
Blit a video overlay to the display surface. The contents of the video surface underneath the blit destination are not defined. The width and height of the destination rectangle may be different from that of the overlay, but currently only 2x scaling is supported.